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Motivate. Collect. Help.


Mile Marker 50 (MM50) is the location of Marathon, the heart of the Florida Keys. MM50 Relief Project was formed by five Marathon High School (MHS) alumni. Many of the islands of the Keys were ravaged by hurricane Irma. So, at this time, our efforts are focused there, and we are driven to do our part to help Keys residents heal. While we will continue to help support those in need as the Keys are rebuilt, we hope our future relief efforts can reach far and wide to help all of our fellow citizens who have been affected by natural disasters or unexpected tragedies.


MM50 Relief Project’s mission is to aid those who have experienced tragedies or unexpected loss by mobilizing volunteers and generating support.


Board Members & Officers:

Philip Augustine - MHS '91 - President
Stephenie Fenton - MHS '91
Krystal Langley - MHS '90 - Secretary

Vivi Mira-Culmer - MHS '91 - Treasurer
Johnny Moses - MHS '91

Distribution Coordinator:

Tracy Garcia - MHS '93

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